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DEAL is a valid Scrabble word with 5 points

  • A part or portion; a share; hence, an indefinite quantity, degree, or extent, degree, or extent; as, a deal of time and trouble; a deal of cold."
  • The process of dealing cards to the players; also, the portion disturbed."
  • Distribution; apportionment.
  • An arrangement to attain a desired result by a combination of interested parties; -- applied to stock speculations and political bargains.
  • The division of a piece of timber made by sawing; a board or plank; particularly, a board or plank of fir or pine above seven inches in width, and exceeding six feet in length. If narrower than this, it is called a batten; if shorter, a deal end."
  • Wood of the pine or fir; as, a floor of deal."
  • To divide; to separate in portions; hence, to give in portions; to distribute; to bestow successively; -- sometimes with out."
  • Specifically: To distribute, as cards, to the players at the commencement of a game; as, to deal the cards; to deal one a jack."
  • To make distribution; to share out in portions, as cards to the players."
  • To do a distributing or retailing business, as distinguished from that of a manufacturer or producer; to traffic; to trade; to do business; as, he deals in flour."
  • To act as an intermediary in business or any affairs; to manage; to make arrangements; -- followed by between or with.
  • To conduct one's self; to behave or act in any affair or towards any one; to treat.
  • To contend with

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