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We found 4 anagrams from the word job

JOB is a valid Scrabble word with 12 points

  • A sudden thrust or stab; a jab.
  • A piece of chance or occasional work; any definite work undertaken in gross for a fixed price; as, he did the job for a thousand dollars."
  • A public transaction done for private profit; something performed ostensibly as a part of official duty, but really for private gain; a corrupt official business."
  • Any affair or event which affects one, whether fortunately or unfortunately."
  • A situation or opportunity of work; as, he lost his job."
  • To strike or stab with a pointed instrument.
  • To thrust in, as a pointed instrument."
  • To do or cause to be done by separate portions or lots; to sublet work
  • To buy and sell, as a broker; to purchase of importers or manufacturers for the purpose of selling to retailers; as, to job goods."
  • To hire or let by the job or for a period of service; as, to job a carriage."
  • To do chance work for hire; to work by the piece; to do petty work.
  • To seek private gain under pretense of public service; to turn public matters to private advantage.
  • To carry on the business of a jobber in merchandise or stocks.
  • The hero of the book of that name in the Old Testament; the typical patient man.

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