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PRIVATE is a valid Scrabble word with 12 points

  • Belonging to, or concerning, an individual person, company, or interest; peculiar to one's self; unconnected with others; personal; one's own; not public; not general; separate; as, a man's private opinion; private property; a private purse; private expenses or interests; a private secretary."
  • Sequestered from company or observation; appropriated to an individual; secret; secluded; lonely; solitary; as, a private room or apartment; private prayer."
  • Not invested with, or engaged in, public office or employment; as, a private citizen; private life."
  • Not publicly known; not open; secret; as, a private negotiation; a private understanding."
  • Having secret or private knowledge; privy.
  • A secret message; a personal unofficial communication.
  • Personal interest; particular business.
  • Privacy; retirement.
  • One not invested with a public office.
  • A common soldier; a soldier below the grade of a noncommissioned officer.
  • The private parts; the genitals.

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