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SHARP is a valid Scrabble word with 10 points

  • Having a very thin edge or fine point; of a nature to cut or pierce easily; not blunt or dull; keen.
  • Terminating in a point or edge; not obtuse or rounded; somewhat pointed or edged; peaked or ridged; as, a sharp hill; sharp features."
  • Affecting the sense as if pointed or cutting, keen, penetrating, acute: to the taste or smell, pungent, acid, sour, as ammonia has a sharp taste and odor; to the hearing, piercing, shrill, as a sharp sound or voice; to the eye, instantaneously brilliant, dazzling, as a sharp flash."
  • High in pitch; acute; as, a sharp note or tone."
  • Raised a semitone in pitch; as, C sharp C/
  • So high as to be out of tune, or above true pitch; as, the tone is sharp; that instrument is sharp. Opposed in all these senses to flat."
  • Very trying to the feelings; piercing; keen; severe; painful; distressing; as, sharp pain, weather; a sharp and frosty air."
  • Cutting in language or import; biting; sarcastic; cruel; harsh; rigorous; severe; as, a sharp rebuke."
  • Of keen perception; quick to discern or distinguish; having nice discrimination; acute; penetrating; sagacious; clever; as, a sharp eye; sharp sight, hearing, or judgment."
  • Eager in pursuit; keen in quest; impatient for gratification; keen; as, a sharp appetite."
  • Fierce; ardent; fiery; violent; impetuous.
  • Keenly or unduly attentive to one's own interest; close and exact in dealing; shrewd; as, a sharp dealer; a sharp customer."
  • Composed of hard, angular grains; gritty; as, sharp sand."
  • Steep; precipitous; abrupt; as, a sharp ascent or descent; a sharp turn or curve."
  • Uttered in a whisper, or with the breath alone, without voice, as certain consonants, such as p, k, t, f; surd; nonvocal; aspirated."
  • To a point or edge; piercingly; eagerly; sharply.
  • Precisely; exactly; as, we shall start at ten o'clock sharp."
  • A sharp tool or weapon.
  • The character [/] used to indicate that the note before which it is placed is to be raised a half step, or semitone, in pitch."
  • A sharp tone or note.
  • A portion of a stream where the water runs very rapidly.
  • A sewing needle having a very slender point; a needle of the most pointed of the three grades, blunts, betweens, and sharps."
  • Same as Middlings, 1."
  • An expert.
  • To sharpen.
  • To raise above the proper pitch; to elevate the tone of; especially, to raise a half step, or semitone, above the natural tone."
  • To play tricks in bargaining; to act the sharper.
  • To sing above the proper pitch.

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