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SPIT is a valid Scrabble word with 6 points

  • A long, slender, pointed rod, usually of iron, for holding meat while roasting."
  • A small point of land running into the sea, or a long, narrow shoal extending from the shore into the sea; as, a spit of sand."
  • The depth to which a spade goes in digging; a spade; a spadeful.
  • To thrust a spit through; to fix upon a spit; hence, to thrust through or impale; as, to spit a loin of veal."
  • To spade; to dig.
  • To attend to a spit; to use a spit.
  • of Spit
  • To eject from the mouth; to throw out, as saliva or other matter, from the mouth."
  • To eject; to throw out; to belch.
  • The secretion formed by the glands of the mouth; spitle; saliva; sputum.
  • To throw out saliva from the mouth.
  • To rain or snow slightly, or with sprinkles."

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