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DEVELOP is a valid Scrabble word with 13 points

  • To free from that which infolds or envelops; to unfold; to lay open by degrees or in detail; to make visible or known; to disclose; to produce or give forth; as, to develop theories; a motor that develops 100 horse power."
  • To unfold gradually, as a flower from a bud; hence, to bring through a succession of states or stages, each of which is preparatory to the next; to form or expand by a process of growth; to cause to change gradually from an embryo, or a lower state, to a higher state or form of being; as, sunshine and rain develop the bud into a flower; to develop the mind."
  • To advance; to further; to prefect; to make to increase; to promote the growth of.
  • To change the form of, as of an algebraic expression, by executing certain indicated operations without changing the value."
  • To cause to become visible, as an invisible or latent image upon plate, by submitting it to chemical agents; to bring to view."
  • To go through a process of natural evolution or growth, by successive changes from a less perfect to a more perfect or more highly organized state; to advance from a simpler form of existence to one more complex either in structure or function; as, a blossom develops from a bud; the seed develops into a plant; the embryo develops into a well-formed animal; the mind develops year by year."
  • To become apparent gradually; as, a picture on sensitive paper develops on the application of heat; the plans of the conspirators develop."

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